Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another freebie

As I mentioned last week, I'm setting this up in advance just in case.
I know my preview says that it's set 2 but I promise it's set 3. Forgive my laziness not to go through the effort of changing it.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekly Freebie and Update

I made it back again to post another freebie for you. I'm continuing my series of commercial use overlays with another set of 6. I got such a great response on the set from last week - I really appreciate all the sweet comments (and well wishes for my granddad).
I also need to apologize because I know I've received very thoughtful messages that people have linked to my blog and I've even received a blog award. I'm sorry I haven't acknowledged these kind gestures I will try to remedy that as soon as I can.
My mom had to take my granddad back to the hospital yesterday. He now has pneumonia and his oncologist has said his body is too weak and sick to try to administer chemo. At this point it's time to call in Hospice care. I'm not sure when he'll get to come home. I imagine the next few weeks will be hard on us all.
I'm going to set-up my post for next week to be automatic so you will have links to next weeks freebies in case I'm not available to post.
Until next time...

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This week's Freebie

I'm back with another little freebie for you. This month I'm going to do a series of overlays - everyone can always use those! At least I know I can and do. It seems like I always have my favorites that I go back to over an over again. Hopefully you'll find these a good addition to your stash. Also, I usually don't do this but they are for commercial use as well. No credit required. Make sure you grab them all before the 30 days is out because then they'll move into the dollar bin.
Also, in honor of all the love floating around - here's a 25% off coupon for the store. Use code LoveMe to get your discount. It will be good until the end of the month.
On a personal note, I've been staying with my granddad more and more lately. He's really deteriorated in the last couple of weeks. He's very weak and can barely get up to leave the couch out of necessity. He goes back to the oncologist next week to talk about whether he should attempt chemo or not after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure 2 weeks ago. It just seems like everything in his body is starting to break down all at the same time. It's so hard to see such a drastic change just since the holidays. Thanks again for all the kind words and prayers being said on our family's behalf.
Hopefully, I'll be checking in again next week with another set of overlays. Till then...

Go HERE for your download.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Februay Freebie

I'm writing this on Wednesday so I can be sure that it's up for you on February 1st. We have been hit with that nasty ice and snow storm that hit a good part of the US yesterday and today. You don't think of ice as being destructive but this has been awful. My mom has a power line down across her driveway and the one to her house is down and tangled in some tree branches that have fallen from the weight of the ice. She also has an oak tree in her backyard that it easily over 100 years old and one of the tree sized branches fell from it and took out her fence. She doesn't need all this stress on top of everything going on with my granddad.
Right now I'm just thankful that we have power and heat (75,000 homes in our area out out of power because of the ice and trees breaking the lines). My boys are outside right now enjoying the day off from school and playing in our piles of snow.
I hope where you are is safe and comfortable - hug your family!
Here's this month's ADSD collab. I was surprised how quickly this one came together for me but I was happy with it. I hope you like it too. I'll keep it up on the blog for the month of February and then it will head to the dollar bin in the store on March 1 along with the Rosebud kit.
Here's my preview and the 4shared links and hen make sure you catch the rest of the pieces with the list below:


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