Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's My Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Me! Yes, today is really my birthday and my wonderful family has been spoiling me all weekend. It almost makes being a 30-something worth it! ;)

In honor of my birthday, I made a new birthday kit for the store and a special freebie gift for you. You have to go to Digital Scrap Mall to get it but it's there for you to snag. Make sure you check out some of the other goodies there too.

Here's the new birthday stuff and their links back to the store where you can find them! Until my next post, I'm off to do a little more celebrating! Enjoy the freebie!
Happy Birthday to Me 2008 Papers

Happy Birthday to Me 2008 Elements

>Happy Birthday to Me 2008 Freebie


Kolbrun Osk said...

Happy birthday :D

Kolbrun, Iceland

cjpeterson38 said...

Happy, happy birthday, Baby!!! Thanks so much or the freebie! It is bright and really pretty!